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Danaher, P. A.
Danaher, Patrick A., School of Linguistics, Adult and Specialist Education, University of Southern Queensland
Daniel, Ben K., ARIES Research Laboratory Department of Computer Science University of Saskatchewan
Davidson, Paul, QUT Business School
Davidson, Robyn, Business School, The University of Adelaide
Davidson, Robyn, University of Adelaide
Davis, Gary, Faculty of Law, Education, Business and Arts Charles Darwin University Darwin, Northern Territory Flinders University Law School South Australia
Davis, Kate, Queensland University of Education
dela Harpe, Barbara, Design and Social Context Portfolio RMIT University
Doherty, Iain, University of Auckland
Doherty, Iain, Learning Technology Unit, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, University of Auckland
Doherty, Iain, eLearning Pedagogical Support Unit, Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning, The University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
Donnet, Tim, QUT Business School
Douglas, Ian, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Douglas, Kathy, Graduate School of Business and Law RMIT University
Dracup, Mary, Deakin University
Dubus, Nicole M, Wheelock College
Duensing, Annette, Department of Languages The Open University
Duff, Andrea, University of South Australia
Duff, Andrea, Division of Information Technology, Engineering and the Environment University of South Australia
Duff, Andrea, Flexible Learning Centre University of South Australia

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